SideFX Houdini

The integration of the Houdini Engine into Cinema 4D enables artists to use Houdini Assets directly within Cinema 4D and to manipulate them using parameter sets that were defined in Houdini.

  • Use Houdini Digital Assets inside Cinema 4D
  • Integrated procedural workflow
  • Does not require baked-out data

More Information

Thinkbox Software

Krakatoa’s particle rendering system is available for Cinema 4D.

  • Krakatoa functionality is fully integrated in the Cinema 4D interface.
  • Cinema 4D Emitters, TP particles, X-Particles and TurbulenceFD systems are supported natively
  • Supports network rendering

Insydium LTD

Insydium’s elegant X-Particles engine is available exclusively for Cinema 4D.

  • Intuitive workflow offers close control over almost all particle parameters using Questions and Actions.
  • Multi-threading support
  • Complete compatibility with other Cinema 4D components

Quickly and easily create stunning smoke, fire, clouds, vapor, dust, explosion effects using TurbulenceFD within Cinema 4D.

  • Intuitive workflow uses any type of geometric object or particle system to paint the sources of the effects
  • Optimized performance with Cinema 4D
  • Preview results in Cinema 4D’s viewport

Next Limit

RealFlow is an industry standard for fluids simulation. Simulations can be imported from the standalone version via Alembic into Cinema 4D. A plugin is available that makes a range of RealFlow functions accessible directly in Cinema 4D.

  • Complete simulation workflow in Cinema 4D with RealFlow | Cinema 4D
  • Optimized performance thanks to GPU acceleration with CUDA and OpenCL support
  • Perfect synergy of Cinema 4D features such as MoGraph, Hair and PyroCluster with RealFlow